Plastic Spoon Wall Art

Checking out pinterest, I saw a beautiful wall mirror made out of plastic spoons. Yes, Plastic Spoons! I really liked the flower like part but not the mirror in the middle. I began searching for a tutorial, how to, or photo, anything of one compleated entirely out of petals. No such luck, there are plenty of wreaths using the same technique, but no complete flowers. I was particularly wondering how to layer the petals in the very center. Meh, I’ll just wing it!

So, I got all the materials together, I even have a huge piece of cardboard for the base, and I bought out my tiny local store of plastic spoons.

Cardboard, spoons, glue gun and sticks, scissors, pen and string, and paint

Cardboard, spoons, glue gun and sticks, scissors, pen and string, and paint. Maybe some pearls for the center?

Surely 100 spoons should be enough right?

I cut out the circular base, about 24″ wide, using the pen and string to draw it out.

cardboard base

It was a little wonky but no one will see it anyways. I also drew a few guidelines to help me keep the petals straight.

And then came the spoons. I cut, and cut, and cut. Got a blister on my finger from cutting so much. These spoons are tough little buggers.

cutting the spoons

Finally 100 petals cut. Doesn’t look like so many any more, but surely once they are spaced out on the base it will be enough. Right?

I used spray paint to base coat the cardboard base and let it dry overnight.

Krylon Outdoor Spaces - Hammered Finish black metallic

Krylon Outdoor Spaces – Hammered Finish black metallic

Ok here we go, glued on the first petal. Then perfectly spaced out the next one. Knocked off the first petal. Hmm, glue must not have cooled all the way. Glued it back on and then the other fell off. Ok… guess hot glue wont stick to the paint I was using. No problem, I’ll just flip the base over and spray it after.


Glued on petal after petal in a section until I reached the center. Hey, this is turning out great! One problem, I used over half of the petals for 1/8 of the base. There is no way I am going to spend a fortune on enough high quality plastic spoons just to nearly kill myself trying to cut them all. This is one of the few crafts out there where I guess cheaper quality materials will be better.

Off to the dollar store to buy a million spoons. Guess what! The only plastic spoons they had were thicker than the ones I had before and they only had them in multi-packs. $1 for 8 spoons and a bunch of cutlery I will never use, I don’t think so! Off to walmart now. I am sure I’ll find some other stuff I “need” to buy there anyways.

98 cents for 24 of the crappiest spoons I’ve ever seen. I think these spoons would bend from the immense weight of a blueberry. Did some quick math in my head to figure out how many I’ll need, gave up and grabbed 20 packs. 480 spoons should be enough right? If not I can come back and grab more.

I tried to pick off the old petals off the base so I could at least salvage that part. I ended up shredding it to bits and pitched the whole thing in the garbage.

So I started over. Cut a new base, didn’t spray paint it this time. And cut my spoons.

480 Petals!

480 Petals!

A lot easier this time and less flying plastic spoon missiles. Started gluing them to the base. this time I started in the center working my way out.

center start

Hooray this is actually working great, and I  actually have enough petals to!

metallic paint

Time to paint. I don’t think I liked how dark my spray paint was looking so I decided to use some beautiful metallic acrylic paint I had kicking around. Maybe a ombre effect!


Ugh, should have painted the base before gluing on the petals. It is really hard to get in there!

Hmmm, after 2 coats of paint on the outer row of petals, it’s not very even. This is going to take a lot of paint and time.

uneven paint

Ok, spray paint it is. Time to go to Michael’s, any excuse to go there is a good one anyways. Checked online and its a 20% off entire purchase coupon! Grabbed my coat and went outside…


WHAT THE F… SNOW!?! You can’t really tell in the picture but it is there! It is halfway through April! I know I live in Alberta and snow is a very normal thing here but this late in the year? Ugh, I am not going out in this weather. Now what the hell am I going to do today.

Maybe I will shock the hell out of my hubby and do a bit of cleaning…. Ya right.


A couple of days later, after a coat of spray paint and a few pearls glued into the center it’s done!


I would suggest painting the base before gluing on the petals. Just make sure the glue will stick to the paint. I would also use two layers of cardboard to prevent warping.