Am I crazy, or just crafty?

Walking down the stairs to my “studio” I can’t help but feel totally depressed. It is a terrible mess of boxes, totes and tables strewn about. A far cry from the perfectly organized craft room I envisioned. Floor to ceiling shelves filled with little labeled boxes, a corner for sewing, a desk for beading and jewelry making, and a huge table for crafting right in the middle. And off to the side a play area for my 2-year-old son. It is a huge space, I mean it has to be. When we moved I had more boxes of craft stuff than everything else in the house.

Well, it has been 5 months since we have moved in. Try as I might, I never seem to get the time to go and organize my heap of craft supplies. When I do get an hour or so of free time while my hubby is watching our son. It is usually interrupted with me running upstairs to check on them (mostly checking to make sure my hubby didn’t fall asleep… again).

I have literally a mountain of things to go through, and so far in five months I have managed to only neatly fold and organize my small fabric stash into one Rubbermaid tote. I now it doesn’t help that I have a serious problem with getting distracted. I can stop and just look at my paper stash for nearly an hour without noticing. Maybe I should start on the play area for my son next, less chance for distractions. When I finish he can play while I organize and craft.(yea, right) I am just worried that he will get into my box of scissors and chop off his finger or something horrible like that.

Right now I am reduced to working on our tiny dining room table shared with my hubby’s laptop. It doesn’t leave much room for crafting but I make do. Hopefully I will be posting my first DIY try soon. I’m thinking the chrysanthemum mirror out of plastic spoons posted on If you have any other ideas leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Crafting!



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